Sports Greenscape Turf – STRI Cultivar Profile


  • A top new Ryegrass cultivar on the STRI sports use table in 2009.
  • One of the best performing Ryegrass cultivars for wear tolerance.
  • Superb live ground cover with excellent shoot density.
  • Recovers well from wear.


  • A top cultivar available on the STRI sports use table in 2009.
  • Unrivalled shoot density whilst maintaining a fine leaf.
  • Able to recover well from wear.
  • Exceptionally hard wearing making it an ideal choice for sports use.


  • A top Smooth Stalked cultivar with excellent ground cover and recovery from wear.
  • Rivals all the top Ryegrass cultivars. Ideal for winter games pitches.


  • A top slender cultivar for many years.
  • Has superb shoot density and disease resistance.


  • One of the top rated Chewings cultivars in 2009. Excellent shoot density.


  • One of the top cultivars with a high shoot density.