Washed Turf

All turf grades are available as washed turf.

The soil is carefully removed by a highly specialised washing plant to leave the grass sward as a clean uniform root mat.

The soil-less turf enables rapid root development with increased root biomass and lateral growth.

Washed turf offers increased percolation and the fast downward movement of water away from the surface, avoiding possible contamination of specialist rootzones.

Washed turf is primarily used for sports pitches, cricket outfields, golf greens and tees.

However, more recently a new niche market has been created and WASHED turf for occasions, such as marketing events/photo shoots and weddings, is becoming more and more popular.  We work with several marketing companies, advertising high profile brands, where their brief requires a fresh, natural grass area that is clean to use.

Soil Types


Suitability: General

Bespoke creative events

High quality landscape

Shaded areas

Short-cut hardwearing areas

Steep gradients


Suitability: Sport

Bowling greens

Equestrian areas

Football pitches

Golf course greens

Golf course tees


Rugby pitches

Tennis courts

Support Services

Contract growing
Delivery (own fleet)

Roll Sizes

Standard Roll (1m2)

610mm wide x 1.64m long

Big Roll (20m2)

740mm wide x 27.1m long

Extra Wide Big Roll (35m2)

1250mm wide x 28 m long