Sports turf for golf courses, tees and fairways

Golf Specialists

Years of experience and perfect, sandy Lincolnshire land enables us to offer a range of turf grades for use across the golf course.

We supply the finest quality greens turf grown on natural sands that are very close to USGA specification. It has a fine texture and a dense, closely-mown sward to produce the perfect putting surface.

We offer low maintenance turf with a medium/fine texture and superb, year round colour. It is tolerant of drought, shade and wear and is available with rye or without rye grass.

If the health of your turf is an issue in shaded areas of the course, our County Shade turf provides the solution. The medium texture, low-maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars which flourish in a shaded environment. It is grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting.

We are also able to supply downgraded turf, revetting turf for bunker repairs and bunker lining turf.