Bunker Turf

Revetting Turf is the ideal solution for bunker building on the golf course. 

Our revetting turf comes already pre-cut for your convenience, reducing the time required for renovating/building bunkers. Revetting turf is at 40mm thickness and available in two different formats: Slabs and Strips.   

Slab Format

Our Slab format is cut at 40mm thickness. Each slab measures approximately 0.246m width x 1.2m length so each slab totals approx 0.3m2. We harvest 48 slabs per pallet (14.4m2 a pallet). This will give 2.3m2 of bunker face per pallet.

Strip Format

Our Strip format is harvested at 40mm thickness. Each slab measures approximately 0.2m width and 1.2 length so each slab totals approx. 0.24m2. We harvest 60 strips per pallet (14.4m2 in total per pallet). This will give 2.88m2 of bunker face per pallet. 

Soil Base

We offer several options for your soil base when harvesting our revetting turf:

  • Natural sandy loam
  • Heavier clay
  • Imported rootzone

Just let us know at the point of order which option you would prefer.