Fibre Reinforced Turf

County Turf’s fibre reinforced turf is grown on imported sand rootzone mixed with polypropylene fibres.

Hard-wearing and durable, the turf is grown on either fibre sand or Loksand material.

The reinforced turf provides a surface that is strong and load-bearing, with improved wear tolerance and rapid percolation rates.

It is harvested 40mm thick in large 1.25m wide rolls for instant playing pitches.

Reinforced turf is suitable for sports pitches, car parks, driveways and emergency access tracks.

Soil Types

Sandy Loam

Grass Species

Perennial Ryegrass
Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

Suitability: General

Short-cut hardwearing areas
Car Parks
Emergency Access Tracks

Suitability: Sport

Equestrian areas
Football pitches
Rugby pitches


Support Services
Contract growing
Delivery (own fleet)

Roll Sizes

Roll Length

13 metres

Roll Widths

1250mm; 740mm