A range of quality turf for landscaping and lawn projects

Whether you maintain a stately home or a family lawn, you can get the finest quality turf for all landscaping and lawn requirements from County Turf. Our most popular grade, Greenscape, is suitable for general lawn use and amenity landscaping. It has a medium texture and will root quickly once laid. The turf is extremely hard wearing and will keep its colour all year round.

We also supply a luxury turf, Lawnscape for high quality ornamental lawns and prestige landscaping projects. It is only suitable for experienced landscapers and gardeners who are able to give it the specialist attention it requires.

Shaded garden areas can be challenging to gardeners and our special County Shade turf fits the bill here.

Turf for low budget schemes and general contract work is also available and we provide a laying service upon request.

It’s important to select the right turf for your situation. Our experienced staff will be to assist you with your selection and can offer advice on laying and after-care.

General Amenity Turf

General Amenity Turf image

Shade Tolerant Turf

Shade Tolerant Turf image