Lawnscape Turf – STRI Cultivar Profile


A top Smooth Stalked cultivar for the past 18 years.
The highest rating for shoot density, recovering quickly from wear.
Excellent wear tolerance, ideally suited for tees turf whilst maintaining the finest leaf of all smooth Stalked varieties.
Maintains excellent winter colour.


One of the very top Slender cultivars in Europe for many years.
Scored highly for shoot density and scoring 7.7 for visual merit.
Good disease resistance so is able to quickly recover from wear.
Performs superbly throughout the year.


The top Chewings Fescue in 2009.
Also has the best shoot density of all the Chewings cultivars by far.
Able to recover from wear with good disease resistance.
Proven to be fine-leafed with excellent visual merit.
Maintains superb colour all year round.