Greenscape Turf – STRI Cultivar Profile


  • The very top rated Perennial ryegrass in 2009.
  • Excellent fineness of leaf with the highest score for shoot density.
  • Blends superbly with Aberimp and cuts very cleanly.
  • Bred in the UK for UK conditions.


  • One of very top rated ryegrass cultivars in 2009.
  • A very fine-leafed plant with an excellent mid/dark green colour.
  • One of the highest rated, along with Abersprite, for slow regrowth.
  • Bred in the UK for UK conditions.


  • One of the best rated Smooth Stalked cultivars in Europe for the past 18 years.
  • Has the highest rating for shoot density, recovering rapidly from wear whilst maintaining a very fine leaf. Excellent winter colour.


  • One of the top Slender Creeping Red Fescue cultivars in 2009.
  • Exceptionally dense, fine leaved variety with superb disease resistance.


  • A well proven cultivar with superb shoot density and year round dark green colour.


  • One of the best Strong Creeping Red Fescue cultivars with good shoot density.
  • Quick to establish with excellent disease resistance.