ECLIPSE Stabilised Turf – Benefits

Eclipse Reinforced Natural Turf

1. Full natural grass surface
Grass leaf blades grow above the tops of the synthetic tufts, creating a fully natural grass surface. If the grass canopy is thinned, the underlying synthetic matrix continues to provide a consistent, sure-footed playing surface.

2. Synthetic turf matrix
The grass roots become entwined in the synthetic matrix and grow unimpeded through the backing and into the rootzone material below.

3. Growing medium infill
The infill layer is selected to be compatible with the sites growing medium to minimize agronomic differences between the turf and underlying rootzone profile.

4. Dual-component backing
The dual-component backing of biodegradable fabric and tough plastic mesh acts as the anchor for the components above it and provides additional horizontal load-bearing capacity. The plant’s vegetative parts — roots, crowns, rhizomes, stolons, tillers — grow protected within the stabilized zone, shielded from wear damage. This extends the fields playability and accelerates recovery following use. Management strategies include common practices like verticutting, aerating and topdressing.


  • 100% Natural grass playing surface meets all governing body regulations
  • Dramatically increased wear tolerance compared to conventional grass
  • Horizontal stability, even on pure sand rootzones
  • Decreased divoting, shearing and displacement damage
  • Meets the aesthetic and athletic demands of today’s sport’s pitch market
  • Provides the flexibility to rapidly replace logos and change out worn areas
  • Immediate playability upon installation or rotation
  • Natural look and feel
  • Load Bearing Strength
  • Supports usual maintenance methods