County Tees Turf (with Rye) – STRI Cultivar Profile


A top rated Perennial Ryegrass in 2009.
Excellent fineness of leaf and very high shoot density.
Blends superbly with Evita and cuts very cleanly.


One of the top rated Ryegrass cultivars in 2009.
A very fine-leafed plant with an excellent mid/dark green colour.
The highest rated cultivar for disease resistance.


The top Smooth Stalked cultivar in Europe for the past 18 years.
The highest rated for shoot density, recovering quickly from wear whilst maintaining
a very fine leaf. Excellent winter colour.


One of the very top Slender cultivars for 2009.
Exceptionally dense fine-leaved variety with superb disease resistance.


Excellent shoot density with year round dark green colour.
A well proven cultivar.


One of the top cultivars. Very good shoot density.
Quick to establish with excellent bind capacity.