County Greens Turf – STRI Cultivar Profile


The ultimate cultivar offering superior shoot density, scoring 8.4.
Top rating for outstanding tolerance to, and recovery from, disease.
The top rated Chewings cultivar in the UK for golf and bowling greens in 2015.


Second top (to Barlineus) in overall rating for the top Chewings cultivar in 2015.
Proven to be fine-leafed with excellent drought tolerance.
One of the most disease resistant cultivars on the lists.


The top Slender Creeping Red Fescue cultivar in 2015.
Unrivalled shoot density, very fine leaved with superb greenness.
The most disease resistant Slender cultivar.


The most disease resistant Slender Creeping cultivar, highest score at 8.3.


Excellent Summer and Winter colour.
A proven first-class greens cultivar.